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Coaching staff
1st team: Rasmus Hansen, tlf. 22 46 37 56
Patrick Hansen, tlf. 25 21 03 06
2nd team: Peter Olesen, tlf. 20 87 90 17
Asbjørn Reissmann, tlf. 26 78 21 15
Jakob Liebetrau, tlf. 71 77 02 08
3rd team: Peter Aske Nielsen, tlf. 40 96 40 56
Marc Hansen, tlf. 60 74 81 95
Girl's team: Jannick Ploug Jensen, tlf. 22 61 93 39
Betina Knudsen, tlf. 22 46 75 48

FC Culpa is a team based mostly on students at the Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen. We have three male senior teams (above the age of 18) and also a female senior team. We train twice a week (tuesday and thursday) and play our matches in Valby Idrætspark, which is easily accessed through either the nearby located Ny Ellebjerg train station or through car/bike.

We are enrolled in the National Football Association (DBU) and therefore we compete against other regular clubs in Copenhagen. In other words; although we are a team based on on the Faculty of Law we are a “normal” club competing in the national league and cup tournament. We do occasionally play interim matches against other faculties but our main focus if of course to compete in the national tournament. The level is of course relatively moderate as our first team currently is enrolled in what constitutes the national 6th division.

Our three male teams include the ambitious 1st team that train twice a week and always play to win. This is the team for you if you are willing to train regularly and have ambitions of playing for our best team. Our 2nd team is currently placed in the division below our 1st team. The 2nd team tries to find a moderate balance between ambition and having fun although all matches are taken serious and games are played to win. Lastly we have our 3rd team which is currently placed in the lowest division in the national competition. For this team the 3rd half (beers in the locker room afterwards) is just as important as the first two halfs. This is the perfect team for you if you just want to have fun playing football.

One of our international signings, Martin Witzmann, an exchange student from Austria

One of our international signings, Martin Witzmann, an exchange student from Austria

We always love to welcome international players to FC Culpa. The transfer window is never closed in our club! Whether you are en exchange student in Copenhagen and you are only here for a semester or whether you are here on a more permanent basis, we would love to see you in FC Culpa.

Playing in our club is a great way to ease the transition and and increase the experience of living in another country. FC Culpa is a great way to meet Danish people who (apparently, we hear) are difficult to get to know. This is a great way of socializing with students from all groups and cohorts on the University. As we host many social events from big parties each semester to more informal ongoing events you are sure to make many friends here in Copenhagen. After playing just one or two matches you will already now at least 50 people at the next friday-bar on the University.

So come and give us a try! Join us in our next training session or sign up for one of our coming matches. See if FC Culpa is the right fit for you by showing up for a couple of free (no charge at all) training sessions. Should FC Culpa be the club for you it is worth mentioning that we offer a reduced membership fee for international students. You are only charged the somewhat symbolic and almost ridiculous amount of DKK 100 for a semesters worth of football (!). This shows that we consider international students a colorful feature in our club and that our doors are always open to new inspiration, input and ideas.

If you would like to join FC Culpa please contact Alexander Bind (Responsible for our promotion) at either ab@fcculpa.dk or telephone (+45) 21 12 78 92. He will tell you the easiest way to get into the white jersey. Furthermore you can contact one of our coaches on one of the numbers listed above in the box.

We look forward to seeing you and we hope that we can help make your stay in Copenhagen an unforgettable experience.


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